Yue Li, Director & CEO




With 20 years of senior management experience, Li Yue is the CEO of Amray Solar. He is inspired by the vast potential of green sustainable energy, and wishes to promote solar and renewable energy in Western Canada. The company is empowered by Li Yue's confidence and encouragement.


A CEO for more than 15 years for very successful high-tech companies, Alex brings a wealth of experience and confidence to the team. He sees rapid advancement of the solar industry, and believes that now is the time for Solar in Western Canada. Partnering with the best suppliers in the industry and building trust with the provinces solar communities he knows that together we can acheive a cleaner, greener energy sector.  

Alex Cui, COO
Jennifer Sun, CFO



As the mother of two angelic girls and of the company, Jennifer asks, what can we do to provide a better future for our children? She inspires those around her to innovate in many areas of life, including education and a greener way of living. AM Ray Solar is her contribution to encouraging our vibrant country to step towards a greener, sustainable world.



With a background in Computer Science and Astronomy, Gary directs the company with his passion for solar energy. He has been actively promoting a greener lifestyle for the last decade and is now focusing on the energy sector. He loves the quote “the Sun is abundantly gracing us with it’s energy, there is more than enough for all to share in it’s gift.”

Gary Chen, Managing Director
Bin Wang, Business Development Manager



Bin is a strong believer of “solar energy is our future”. With his MBA degree and more than 20 years of experience in multi-national companies, including a wind energy company, Bin joined Amray Solar to make his contribution to this meaningful and bright-futured industry. He believes that renewable energy will provide sufficient power for our world and protect the earth at the same time.


Mike believes in solar. He enjoys the high-level sales aspect as well as the nitty gritty technical stuff. He'll sift through spec sheets with you and help you make the appropriate design considerations to leverage your in-town or off-grid site. With a background in software and renewable energy, Mike understands solar from the ground up. Most of all he's interested in what makes sense for you.

Mike Keeling, Solutions Lead
Elva Liu, Administrator




With an Art Degree and a passion for beauty, Elva shares her skills as a designer. We appreciate her work to make our office and website charming and vibrant. She is also a talented chef, and if you are lucky enough, and beg a little… you will experience the magic that is in her cuisine.