Why Huawei's String-inverter?


Huawei String Inverter

  • Huawei manufactures industry-leading, best in class string inverters.
  • These string inverters are highly efficient (98.6%), reliable (99.9999%) and priced competitively.
  • Huawei continues to be the fastest growing global supplier of string inverters.
  • Huawei’s rapid string inverter growth is attributed to their significant global investment in R&D, manufacturing and support from countries including Germany, Sweden, China and United States. GTM ranks Huawei 1st in global string inverter shipments based on MWac.
  • Huawei’s string inverters have a lower cost of ownership with savings attributed to lower CAPEX and OPEX costs coupled with superior reliability, commissioning (automatic configuration), management (including monitoring), grid interoperability and superior yields (efficiency).
  • Huawei’s 25 year string inverter lifespan is backed by a 10-year warranty. Huawei has focused on improving that areas that are most likely to fail and eliminating components that do. This has resulted in improvements like natural cooling (no fans) and side benefits like the lowest noise emissions in the industry.
  • Huawei’s intelligent monitoring and fault detection coupled with support staff based in Texas and replacement inverters warehoused in the US and Mexico can help pinpoint potential problems before complete failure occurs and ensure minimal downtime while maximizing solar collector utilization.


Customer Value

6 strings intelligent monitoring and 80% time saving for fault detection;
Real-time operation monitoring; Adaptive Edge MPPT for fast tracking
Max. efficiency 98.6%, CEC efficiency 98.0%;
Saving AC cable investment up to 20% without N-Line
DC AFCI compliant to UL 1699B;
DC disconnect Integrated, safe and convenient for maintenance;
Ground fault protection;
Category C surge arresters for both DC and AC
Low Maintenance
Easy to maintain.
No need for external fans with natural cooling technology; Outdoor application of NEMA 4X.
1. No External Fan, Natural Cooling
2. No Fuse Inside
3. Field Reliability is <0.5%
4. Free Commissioning, Inverters Automatically Recognized and Connected
5. Manage All Inverters and Strings at 0.5% Data Accuracy
6. Huawei String Inverter Meets Utility Interconnect
7. Grid Friendly Certifications




TAC Hotline

Huawei is a global company with support centers throughout the world available to answer calls 24×7. Technical Support is handled through Huawei’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) hotline and email address

1 877 448 2934

A customer care representative is available 24×7 to answer the phone and create a service ticket and start troubleshooting over the phone or email. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, then the issue is escalated to Huawei’s service support headquarters. If the issue still cannot be fixed remotely and an inverter is involved, then a replacement will be ordered and shipped within 2 business days from one of Huawei’s North America warehouses and will include a return call tag for the faulty inverter to be shipped back to Huawei. Local technicians can also be made available to provide support during commissioning and troubleshooting as well when a request is made through the TAC hotline.


Project Reference

20 MW Ground-mounted PV Plant in Trowbridge, UK  10 MW Ground-mounted Smart PV Plant in Krempendorf, Germany

108 MW Solar-Fishery Smart PV Plant in Yangzhou, China  1 GW Ground-mounted Smart PV Plant in Yanchi, China